Moving House? Heres 8 Top Tips for a Stress-free Move

Nov 10, 2015

I’ve read numerous articles and heard so many stories that moving house is stressful.  I’ve read reports that it is one of the top three most stressful events that can happen in somebody lives.  Is it really?  There are many more stressful life events out there.  Can we put things into reality?  Is moving house more stressful than losing your job?  Getting married? Discovering you have a terminal illness?  I’m certain it isn’t!

For most people stress caused by moving home can easily be avoided.  All you have to do is get your preparation right.  There’s a little saying.  “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail”

Get your paperwork in order

Is your paperwork in order?  If you are wondering what I mean, it probably isn’t.  Prepare a little file on your house.  This needs to include any certificates or guarantees for any work you have had done to your home including Fensa certificates for the windows, certificates for the insulation and any electrical work you have carried out.  If you have a mortgage, include that paperwork too.  It will help speed the conveyancing process up.   For apartment sellers, please get a copy of the latest management company accounts and exactly what is included in your management fee.

Know your budget

How much can you afford to spend on your next home?  Knowing your budget will save a lot of upset and heartache later on.  Just because you have a mortgage now, doesn’t always mean you will easily get a new one next time around.  Mortgage companies have changed their criteria.  If you are self-employed remember you need to present your accounts.  Make sure you can afford to move!

Tell the kids

I’ve seen home sellers create their own problems by not telling the children what’s happening.  Kids aren’t stupid.  They can sense when things are going on.  Include them from the beginning.  Make it sound like an adventure.  Let them know what is in it for them.  This might be a bigger a bedroom or a bigger garden.  Reassure them that they will still see their friends, especially if their school is not changing too!

Prepare your home for sale

Preparing your for sale is really important.  It’s time to finish any odd jobs, touch up the decor and have a good de-clutter.  Make sure home looks and feels spacious.  Give the windows a clean so the light can flow in.  Kitchens and bathrooms are really important areas to buyers.  Houses which are shown off better, tend to sell quicker and often for a better price.

Be ready for viewings

Are you ready for viewings?  You need to make sure your home is viewing ready.  It’s easy to do.  Create yourself a daily to do list.  Give your home a quick hoover every couple of days.  Wipe the shower or bath out after use.  Make the bed.  Put things away daily.  By forming new habits, when the agent calls wanting to show someone around, you’ll be quickly viewing ready and not spending the night before cleaning!  This really will cut down on the stress!

Have clear dialogues with your agent

Work closely with your agent and listen to the feedback that viewers give you.  By having clear open conversations, you’ll find out easily what you need to know rather than what you want to hear.
You and your agent should have the same goal.  You both want the house to sell.  Be open about offers. Be sensible too.  You need to have trust in your agent.  Now is not the time to start bluffing and using game play.

Let’s talk dates

Sadly estate agents can’t set moving dates as much as we would often like to.  It always helps though if we have an indication of your preferred moving time ( eg teachers like school holidays) and also any dates you can’t move due to booked holidays etc.  We can then ensure the relevant people know what is hoped for and help manage expectations better.  People get less stressed if we can talk in facts as they can deal with this much better and also plan accordingly!

Label your boxes

This tip is really simple.  Label each box with the room you want it to go in on moving day and a brief description of the contents.  By doing this you will find everything so much easier and the kids wont be crying because you can’t find their favourite teddy bear!   Keep close to hand essential items including a toilet roll, a kettle, cups and teabags.  When all else fails, it’s time time to make a cuppa!

Moving house needn’t be stressful.  Choose an estate agent who you feel you can trust and have a clear open honest conversation with.  Follow our tips above.  They work.  If you have any of your own that we have not included, please let us know.  We love to share ideas with people.  At Stephen Rea Estate Agents we are here to help!

My name is Steve.  I am a director at Stephen Rea Estate Agents in Newtownards and Belfast.  If you’d like to chat about moving home, please get in touch.  You can reach us on 02891 898 257.


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