Do I need a For Sale Board

Sep 07, 2015

Every week without fail, somebody asks must I have for sale board?  There are various reasons for asking this, ranging from not wanting to upset the neighbours, through to the fear of somebody knocking on their door directly.  Each time I always answer no.  If somebody really does not one, I will not force it upon them. However before you decide against a board, let me tell you why I believe they are essential and you should have one.


Your neighbours

Whilst I am not going to suggest your neighbours are pleased to see you leaving, they may have family or friends they know wanting to move into the area.  It’s a known fact that we like to live close to people we know.  People often move to be closer to family especially when the children are young.  Others like to move their elderly parents to be closer to them.  A sale board can start your local community talking in a positive way!

New comers to an area

People who are new to an area often have a drive around, checking out various streets and areas to see what and where they like.  When they come across your board, they might scribble down the address, they may even call the agent there and then to find out more or even book a viewing.  This happens a lot more often than you might think.  Don’t miss this group of motivated buyers!

Sneaky Peekers

Hands up!  Who hasn’t been for a sneaky look before booking a viewing?  Potential buyers might have seen your home advertised in local press.  It could be online.  Maybe the estate agent has sent them some details which seem promising.  However before they book a viewing, they want to know more. These people drive by before.  You’ll see them driving past slowly.  They’ll walk down the street.  A sale board makes it easier to find you!

Your viewers

Do you really want buyers struggling to find you?  There’s nothing worse for a potential buyer then struggling to find a house they want to buy, or worse still, as they look closely down the street, they see one which looks better than yours that they decide they want to view!  If buyers can’t find your house, they start to feel frustrated, sometimes annoyed.  It’s so much better to start the viewing with buyers in a great frame of mind!

Ask yourself, do you really not want a board?  If you are concerned about the neighbours, why not tell them first.  It’s always better if it comes from you.  If you are concerned about door knockers, add a slip which states “Viewing by appointment only”.  Don’t miss out on this great source of buyers.  A highly visible board will help to have you sold in no time!

Thinking of moving?  At SPR Properties Estate Agents we offer all our clients bespoke advice in how to get moved quickly whilst still achieving the best possible price.  Call us on 02891 898 257 for a chat today.



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