First Impressions Count

Aug 17, 2015

As the old saying goes 'you only have one chance to make a first impression as the first impression is always the last' and this is absolutely the case when it comes to selling property, especially when a potential purchaser is coming around. Potential buyers will not 'see through the mess' and it will most definatley impact on their desire to buy your house.

Apparently it only takes a few seconds for a viewer  to decide whether they are going to buy a house which means that before a potential buyer even reaches the front door, a decision has already been made. I am not sure that I totally agree with that statement but in my experience, it takes a few seconds for someone to decide not to buy a property.

So when selling, remember that first impressions count and ask yourself does the front garden look good, tidy, lawn mown etc' Is the front door looking smart, well painted or cleaned' Remember that your buyer is going to knock on the door and stand staring at it. The hallway is yet another key area, the room that every potential buyer is guaranteed to see twice; once when they arrive and again as they leave - their first and last impressions of your property, therefore they have to be positive. The same with the rest of the house, is it cluttered or untidy, in need of redecorating or a good clean, does it need 'dressing' up'

You might be thinking 'I can see through that when I am looking at a house', however in my experience if your bedroom is full of clutter making it look small, it looks like a small bedroom not a large cluttered bedroom and the applicant is likely to mention it.

If you do not believe me, have a look at some new build show homes and see how they have presented their rooms and what furniture is in or more interestingly, what is not in the rooms.

All of this might not stop someone placing an offer but it might not make them pay the full price. Every property is the owner's palace and you need to make sure that it looks like one in order to beat the competition and reap the rewards. For more Tips on selling your home visit: How to make your home more valueable

If your thinking of selling your home, give SPR Properties Estate Agents a call on 02891 898 257 for a free valuation and see how we can help you!


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